Regenerated ECONYL® nylon comes to us from Europe. Nylon 6 waste is collected all over the world and sent to a waste treatment center in Slovenia. The recovered waste comes from post-consumer fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the seas and coastal communities, and nylon carpet fluff, as well as pre-consumer industrial plastic waste, yarn discards and fabric scraps. The waste is then cleaned and prepared for regeneration. As part of the cleaning process, materials other than Nylon 6 are removed and sent to other supply chains. The cleaned nylon waste is shredded, compacted, bagged and made ready for regeneration. A highly efficient chemical recycling process is used that allows the fiber to go back to the state of raw material removing all foreign substances for a 100% virgin quality. The following process and chemical methods to transform this material into Nylon 6 polymers – what is known as polymerization – is identical to polymerization of virgin material. The material is then processed into a textile yarn and sent to our fabric mills all over the world, where it is woven into the beautiful fabric used in our garments. Due to the incredible process, this yarn can be regenerated over and over for an infinite number of times without any loss in quality.