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Process + Materials + Systems
We have a very clear and specific design process at ERIN SNOW. We think about how a product will be used, who it will benefit, what it needs to do, whether it meets our standards of design, function, fit and environmental impact simultaneously. Function, form & impact are all considered equal.

From the start, we work to source materials that meet our criteria of being safe for humanity and the planet.

We ask questions, require answers, and eliminate problems when they arise. We work from an ever-expanding portfolio of materials that have been developed, sourced, tested and vetted over years.
Transparent sourcing.
All materials, down to the tiny plastic washers under our snaps, are sourced and vetted directly by our design team.

We don’t allow any substitute materials.

No unauthorized sewing sub-contracting is allowed.

We require our material vendors to comply with our Banned Chemical Declaration.

Our sewing factories comply with our Workplace Code of Conduct. Among other crucial elements, this Code requires compliance with local laws, no child or forced labor, a fair wage and environmental policies.
Design for circularity.
Whenever and wherever possible, we utilize materials that have been recycled, or occur as a by-product.

We source chemically safe materials that do not introduce harmful substances into our product or its surroundings.

Build for longevity – Our product carries performance capabilities such as water, dirt, oil, odor, abrasion resistance and easy care. These features help extend the life of the product and minimize environmental impact.

Design for longevity - Our aesthetic is not fast, it is lasting.

We provide product repair services.

We consider recyclability during design – We combine materials that can be recycled together, or easily disassembled.

We take back and recycle our product or repair and donate, if the item isn’t ready for recycling.