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Our Story

a new kind of sport brand


Inspired by the Downhill Racer era of skiing and memories of her father's ski patrol style, Erin Isakov was driven to create a new brand uniting performance and style. Together with her husband, the two founded Erin Snow with the belief that women should feel as confident and empowered in their performance wear as they are in their weekday wardrobe.

From the start, Erin Snow was founded with the same ideals and beliefs as its creators. We are people who care deeply about our surroundings and work hard to preserve our natural playground.

a history of responsible sourcing


In 2005 we began utilizing bluesign® approved textiles and solidified the start of our history of sourcing responsible, chemically safe, innovative materials.

the start of recycled textiles


In 2008 we began development of a 55% recycled nylon waterproof fabric. This is also the year that we expanded our use of bluesign® approved fabric with the introduction of our core “Racer” fabrication used in our signature stretch ski pants. At a time when consumers did not understand or demand sustainably minded fashion and retailers considered "eco" products incompatible with luxury, we continued at every possible step to re-think, innovate and push the responsibility of the materials we sourced.

eliminating goose down


Despite the best efforts of some of the world’s most eco-conscious brands, down traceability is problematic. Live plucking and force-feeding abound. In recent years standards have been raised but at every step in the supply chain monitors and auditors must be in place, otherwise unethical feathers still sneak into production. Because we cannot be 100% sure that all feathers at even the highest sourcing standards are humanely sourced we made a decision as a brand to not use down feathers in our product.

A new era of responsible and innovative insulated outerwear began.

the dawn of a new era for sport


As recycling technology improved, we converted our base-layer/activewear material to a recycled polyester. We also converted our synthetic insulation to a recycled PET option.

For our efforts in sustainability we were honored to be named a finalist in the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge. As a sport brand, recognition from the CFDA was an incredible honor and moment in time. Our founding desire to bridge the gap between performance, style and responsibility came full circle.

moving toward circularity


We re-designed all of our waterproof jackets and pants to be made from a 100% Recycled PET, bluesign® approved, highly technical fabric. The waterproof membrane used on this material was an incredible new technology that could be recycled. Together with our recycled PET insulation and lining we now had product that was made from 100% recycled fibers and could be recycled again.

down-free luxury


Taking our ethical, circular outerwear to a new level we designed and developed a new range of outerwear made from a recycled (and recyclable) synthetic insulator that mimicked the look, feel and warmth level of down. In fact, it outperformed down in wet conditions. For the first time we were able to design a completely ethical and responsible outerwear garment that could compete with down jackets in the luxury market. We were honored to win a CFDA/Lexus Fashion* Initiative Micro Challenge award to help support the development of this new range.



We were incredibly honored to be chosen as the grand prize winner of the inaugural CFDA/Lexus Fashion* Initiative. This award took our family-owned deeply loved small business to a new level of sourcing, thoughtfulness and awareness. Through mentorship and partnership with great organizations supported by Lexus and the CFDA, we took a moment to review, analyze and deepen our work. Every facet of our business was considered - from packaging and small trim to human involvement and interaction.

This was the moment that we decided to share the story behind how we make things. Consumers finally wanted to know.



With support from our dear friends at the Woolmark Company, we developed an ethically sourced, naturally derived and renewable Merino wool skiwear capsule collection.

Winter 21/22

a broader purpose and audience


Thanks to early support from family owned ski shops across the US, our small brand became a business and developed a loyal following among in-the-know women skiers. For years we pushed the bar higher in responsible sourcing, design and development. Today our brand is sold globally in those same beloved ski shops as well as luxury retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Revolve and legendary ski retailer Strolz in Lech, Austria.

We are excited to introduce a new generation of adventurous women to our product and story. Thank you for supporting our brand.