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Canadian Factory

Swiss Fabric Mill

Behind The Canadian Technical Sewing Factory

We started working with our Canadian factory in 2007.

Known worldwide for its sustainable development, production of innovative textiles and textile technologies, Schoeller stands apart from the rest. They are known as a global thought leader and set the standard in textile innovation and sustainability.  In fact, this mill was the first company worldwide to produce in accordance with the ecological principles of the bluesign® system in 2001.  We are proud to call them a partner.

How We Found It

Our history with this mill goes back to our second year in business. In search of quality, innovation and environmental responsibility Schoeller landed at the top of our list. Over a decade later, this mill remains at the top of our list and supplies the vast majority of the textiles used in our collection.

Ecology & Environment

Schoeller not only produces in accordance with the guidelines of the bluesign® system, but was one of the companies that contributed to its founding. Ecological compatibility is literally woven into their DNA.  Among their many impressive efforts, energy for warm water used in dyeing and finishing is won through heat recovery and waste water generated through the dyeing and finishing process is so minimally contaminated by chemicals or solids in the production process that it can be fed into the normal waste water system. The water is treated in exactly the same way as normal waste water from local households.


Founded during the 1860s, Schoeller was established as Switzerland's first worsted yarn spinning mill. Technical progress and automation came toward the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. When man-made fibers arrived from the USA, the mill began developing elastic fibers and the first stretch ski pant came into existence.