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Erin Snow x
The Woolmark Company

Introducing our 12-piece collaboration with The Woolmark Company.

We’re using Merino wool in new, interesting ways. Merino wool keeps you warm in extreme conditions, yet it feels and looks luxurious. We bond it with other technical textiles to make it completely waterproof. It’s never itchy, stiff or uncomfortable.
The Original Eco-Performance Fiber
Merino wool also supports our sustainable mandate—it’s composed of keratin, a natural protein that’s biodegradable. When disposed of, Merino wool decomposes in soil, slowly releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth, acting like a fertilizer. It’s also renewable, as Merino sheep naturally produce a new coat each year.
High Performance Courtesy of Mother Nature

Merino wool provides all the performance attributes you need to enjoy your active pursuits, naturally. Learn more about this remarkable fiber.